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 Stopping the hourglass

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Stopping the hourglass Empty
PostSubject: Stopping the hourglass   Stopping the hourglass I_icon_minitimeTue May 25, 2010 7:41 am

Sand, just like an hour glass
Running from the past
cant let it catch me
these skelatens
thearten to catch me

run away, get away

just take my hand
we'll stop time
forever you'll be mine
We'll run fast, fast has hell
Babe, we'll beat the deadline
I swear this on my life

The sun, is moving over this empty plain
its covered in sand
dark is closeing in
something ends
something begins

run away, lets get away

just take my hand
we'll stop time
forever youll be mine
we will run, fast has hell
babe we'll beat this dead line
i swear it on my

broken heart that is still beating
this feeling is slowing fleeting
why must you go farther away from me?

just take my hand
we'll stop time
forever darling you'll be mine
we will run fast has hell
our demons cant catch us now
well stop time
this i swear
this i will swear
this i swear on my life
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Stopping the hourglass
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