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 *^_^*kakos will of joy!!!

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*^_^*kako wong
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*^_^*kako wong

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*^_^*kakos will of joy!!! Empty
PostSubject: *^_^*kakos will of joy!!!   *^_^*kakos will of joy!!! I_icon_minitimeThu Dec 17, 2009 12:05 am

*^_^*Boy this is going to be a big list i'll put you all in paragrahs and only really really close friends. and sense this is really long i'm telling you all that i love ya and if i could i would post all the fun times but not only must i edit it because the consoal of the world band this i must also shorten it for derek and Aliees short attention span*^_^*Your welcome!

Aliee: *^_^*To you i leave my inuyasha books my ESP comics (you know what i mean) my scary movies. I will also be leaveing you with all out notes and or note books i've kept over the years (i have ones dateing back to 7 grade,strange huh?) I will also leave all the viedo games i've played cause i'm a cool person like that also my c.ds. I leave you my underwhere and bras (not that you could fill them out or anything lol) I also made a cd of us with the fallowing hit songs on it.
Aliee & Kako Hits Volume 1
By:*^_^*Kako Wong

"You call that a Kick"
"Nikki Look a Dear"
"Yes I know I spelled that wrong"
"I was testing you to see if you noticed"
"And you Failed!"
"No not the poke'mon music!"
"Your going to died in seven........ bussness days."
"Secret Agent Man"
Bonus Track "What are you doing with your hands?"

Ashely:Sense you have to put up with my hugs of death on daliy bases i will leave her all the yummy treats i have baked in the pass 10 years. That means cookies ect. And sense you'r like a sissy to me i leave my big brother in your hands because we all know that he can't take care of his self*^_^*lol And i leave you this cd i made of all our good times together Here are the songs.

By:*^_^*Kako Wong
"On my Gosh."
"Fear my Super Hugs of Doom!"
"You and Derek did what?"
"No dont' beat me up!"
"Ashely I was kidding."
"Hey what are you doing?"
"Ashely I'm scared."
"I need an adult!"
Bonus Track "I say Ahsley kissing Derek cause?"

Big Brother(Sun in case someone dosen't know):*^_^*oh wow i could put a whole book here about the times in the leaf village. Anyways to my big bro i leave you with all the cool viedo games that i lied to Aliee about I also will leave you with all my jetsue and pictures under my bed.............(not what your thinking) I will also leave you some cookies seeing how you like them so much and my old stright jacket seeing how yours is broken.*^_^* So big brother i made a cd and it only sold one copy but here it is off all the fun times we had.

Shhh the Adults are Talking
By:*^_^*Kako Wong
"Hey kako come here"
"Slow Mo!"
"There comeing to take me away haha."
"Say Hi"
"Ahem I hate to interup but....."
"You know what hokage spelled backwords means right?"
"Thats right egakoh!"
"I don't know what it meants either!"
Bonus Track "I have an Ideal"

Peachs:*^_^*Ah if you where a candy can i would eat you frist!*^_^*oh wow if you where one of thouse bubble gum cany cans i would bite you chew you up and blow bubbles with you................*^_^*to peachs i leave all that stuff we promised not to talk about and hid in that box*^_^*i leave you with all my stuff animals jewlery and Zodiac book. I leave you also my make up cause its all nail polish and i think you would like it*^_^*so there. Ah Peachs i thought of you and so i made a cd about us i hope you injoy these hit songs.

Meet me behind the stage
By:Hollywood Undead......*^_^*Nah just kidding its me eveyone!
"Will there be candy?"
"Whats the rope for?"
"Awwwww it jingles YAY!"
"Don't fall!"
"So that means i can't come to your house?"
"Free Food!"
"You so kicked his butt!"
"Its o-k just close your eyes"
Bonus Track "Serprise!"

Note:*^_^*All these C.Ds sold one copy so sad i think they would of been a big hit but after they edit it all you really got for 20 bucks was a almost blank C.D and to show what i mean here is the lyrics for the song Serprise where ever there is a blank that is something the net work had to take out injoy!

By:*^_^* Kako Wong

When you not looking ________
You won't see it _____ but you'll _____
Its to late to turn back so just _______
just yell serprise
hand______ and you jump and we all yell serprise
you think you are safe but then ________ and serprise
dont' laugh its not a joke _______
lalalalalalalal _________
then Ashely_________derek
Then ashely beat kako with a stick
Then derek beat kako with a stick
kako diden't get back up then peachs _____________

so just yell serprise just yell serprise......

*^_^*so as you can see we just coulden't sale that many and call backs happend all over the world so that was the end of that*^_^*if you would like to hear the lyrics of the other edit versions then please just post and tell me i injoy geting feed back and hope you all write back*^_^*for the late thing i'm going to post on here is the last c.d that i made its one with all our best times into one,think this one will be more serious?...........yes...................(poke Aliee and giggles)There so going to fall for this........................*^_^*o-k so its not serious injoy this one even has a title!

The Coolest Tittle for a C.D ever! C.D
By:*^_^*Kako Wong
"My name is Kevin."
"Guys Guys I have an i- nope never mind"
"Thats what he Said"
"No its more of what he did."
"AW man ew gross! Dont' talk like that at the table."
"There is a line and you have crossed it."
"Heheheh hows the bread stick."
"What lola come back i'm not a nobody!"
"Im a wenner!"
"Um whos hands are these?"
"I dont' know."
"Oooo look up a ballon!"
"Hey do that one thing."
"My eyes my eyes!!!"
"Do we even want to know?"
Bonus "Can you beleve we got through all thouse songs without comeing right out about something doing with smex or any thing perverted?"

*^_^*This is kakos will fear it hug yourself and get a cookie cause it is over*^_^*Kako Wong super glomper huggest and voted most molested out............................
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*^_^*kakos will of joy!!!
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