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 war after war

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PostSubject: war after war   Mon Dec 21, 2009 5:16 pm

Sitting in a little red arm chair a boy looks out into the dim red sky his black hooded robe stained with blood his dark brown hair curled his goatee from what his father says in the “rock star” style all ratty. His name was Hunter Wayne. He was a spitting image of his father when he was 17 or so his mom says especially when he smiled his white teeth shone with brilliance. But he never knew his father because he died in the war when he was only 25, but with what his mother told him he was a great person always giving and loving. His mother died only two years ago at the age of 40, not once did she date after his father died but she did her best to raise him and give him all that he needed. His mother was a beautiful woman tall blond and hard working, she was a five star chef but took after her husband and learned the ins and outs of a computer and taught her son everything she knew. But now sitting in his chair and looking out into the unknown land that he moved to when his mother died, not having any direct family he went out on his own in search of something that was not supposed to be far, his dreams, his dream was to find someone to love someone to hold at night THEN IT HAPPENED.
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war after war
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