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 Miranda travisty

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PostSubject: Miranda travisty   Thu Jan 21, 2010 11:49 am

Story thus far: ridley is a powerful soul reaver who has been reacuring dreams ans nightmares about an odd demon. Her and her sluty kit friend Ivy are out at a club when Ridley see the band "Miranda travisty" Ridley and the lead gutiar player(Steak) lock eyes. By reading his soul she learns that he has a sworn instink to protect someone or something. Ridley feels connected to the people in the band but she does not know why. She asks Ivy to get her backstage so that she can talk to them.....

(Ivy and Ridley walk up to a door guareded by Jullien. Ivy sees him. she flips her hair and pulls her bra up)
Ivy: Hey Sweetie! Can i come in?
Jullien: (cold voice) No
Ivy: I'll show you a good time..
Jullien:(offended) I dont think so.
(Julllien close his eyes. He seems to be focasing on something. After a moment Ridley looks around the room with a bewildered look onher face)
RIDLEY: Hear...what?
(Jullien smiles a little)
JULLIEN: You, however, need to come in.
(Ridley walks in the door nevoursly)
IVY(shocked and outraged) What?
(Jullien slams the door in ivys face. He puts a friendly arm on ridley's sholdar.)
JULLIEN:Over there is Vita. She drinks alot so stay away from her.
(Vita gives him a dirty look)
JULLIEN: that is Victrena. Shes...well..shes..something...
(Victrena is drawing madly)
JULLIEN: That is-
(Steak jumps up and shoves his hand in Ridleys face)
STEAK: Im Steak.
(Ridley gives him a freaked our look)
RIDLEY: Um...hi..(she doesnt shake his hand)
TMAYTH: Who is this?
(Jullien stands up and walks over and stand behind Tmayth)
JULLIEN: This is..this is...what is your name?
RIDLEY: Um Ridely..who are you people?
(Vita interups him)
VITA: Her name is Tmayth. And we have to protect her. There is an army of demons going to invade the earth and Tmayth is the only one who can stop it. She is the savior.
(Tmayth waves)
RIDLEY:....is this a cult??
VITA: No. Its real.
(Vita walks over to Ridley. Vita puts her hand on Ridley's face. Ridley jerks away)
VICTRENA: Shut up Vita! You're going to freak the her out.
(Vita turns to Victrena. Vita's tone is hostel)
VITA: She needs to know the truth!
RIDLEY: I..get it ok! I know im a psh. but im not stupid! I dont know who you people are but i will not fall for something like this!
(Ridley turns to leave. Steak puts a comforting hand on her shoalder to try and stop her.)
STEAK: Dont do this ridley. Vita isnt lieing.
(Ridley swallows once. She seems to already care about Steak)
(Ridley walks out the door and IVy is waiting for her.)
IVY: What the heck was that about?
RIDLEY: Those people are sick!
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Miranda travisty
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