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 Bleeding Forest

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Bleeding Forest Empty
PostSubject: Bleeding Forest   Bleeding Forest I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 09, 2010 4:14 am

The rain forest long with many forest across the word are shrinking in size. Sense there are more humans everyday they have to make room and the only way to do that is to cut down trees to make room for buildings. They say there only cuting down a little bit of the trees but what there not saying is that due to makeing the new home they have to cut down more to make the peoples house and more to make paper for there kids note books and more and more. When will they stop when there is noting left to cut down? WHy should we push animals out of homes to make room for our own when we have tons of houses people aren't liveing in? When will we stop? Not doing anything is just as bad as cuting the trees down yourself. Get the word out let the world know they can't have our trees or our animals!!!
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Bleeding Forest
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