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 Poem in my red notebook

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Poem in my red notebook Empty
PostSubject: Poem in my red notebook   Poem in my red notebook I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 09, 2010 11:55 am

I miss the love
I miss your eyes
God help me i even miss your lies
The ignorence
I want it back
I wasnt happy
But now im alone
Which is better?
I dont know!
I miss the kiss
I miss your lips
Im a fool
Such a ditz
Did i sell my soul?
Can i have it back?
Walk away
Im half way gone
in some minds im already gone.
My heart is cold
Wide open, cracked
I want to rewind
I want to go back
Play it again
My lovesick song
Play it agian
I'll sing along
to bright sun
A summer rain
let me relive that day
I was so happy
So romatic
Broken and lost
But at what cost?
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Poem in my red notebook
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