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 Of Darkness and Ambition

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Of Darkness

The sky fell like thousands of diamonds, although the woman knew they were only snowflakes. It was hard not to be amazed, as she’d never set foot on Earth before this. Too bad it was for something not so wonderful, she pondered to herself. A pencil was set between her plump red lips as the eraser at the end was slowly whittled away to absolutely nothing in the end. Her body moved with calculated ease, as though she thought every moment of it through. She was incredibly short, with slightly pixie-like features. Two horns protruded from her head, silver in color, and large dragon wings wrapped around her body cozily. It protected her from the harsh weather that the mountains inflicted on those unlucky enough not to haze hellfire blazing in their bellies. She had large, pointed ears with silver piercings falling from them, and silver hair that fell down her body. Her large wings were the color of dark amber and seemed almost like dried blood. She shifted slowly to the side as the sunlight glinted off of her, and then vanished behind a waiting cloud.

A card was slowly twirled around her long, razor fingernails. It was jewel incrusted, and a large dragon with an open mouth and blue flames pouring out of it’s mouth stared out at the world. It appeared alive, moving around on the card when one’s attention was only halfway focused on it. “Dimitri.” She beckoned quietly, and slowly the dragon began to move toward the face of the card. It’s blue nose pushed through and broke the magick shield on the card, and a young man was standing before her. He was human in appearance, with bright green eyes and a crimson shock of hair. Two silver gauntlets with ancient writing were hooked to his wrists, and his hands immediately went to his pockets. Adaye’s facial expressions twitched into a smile.

“Mistress Adaye.” Dimitri gave a sweeping bow, and she unraveled her wings. Her arms beckoned him into their confines, and they wrapped around his warm form. Her head rested ontop of his head, and she cooed as she talked in a loving fashion. “Do you see that city on the horizon? It’s a city of angels. It will be ours. All ours, Dimitri.” Dimitri gazed up at her, but he hid the pained expression that crossed his features. “Yes, m’lady.” He whispered softly. On the horizon, day broke into existence and spilled over, chasing away the darkness. Adaye’s words were chilled. “Light says it is the fastest thing in existence. It is not. Darkness was there before it, and will be there wherever it goes. The Light can never be rid of the Dark.”

As she spoke, somewhere in that distant city a child was born. It’s cries broke with the morning, and it’s breath was made of Heaven’s light. It’s bright gold-specked eyes gazed at the surface as the mother drew her last breath. “My son… I christen thee… Rahuel.” The lady, with her fair blonde hair and bright eyes, passed away with the saying of her son’s name. The father stood in the corner, watching the nursemaids hurry about in silence as the newborn’s silence made them all uneasy. He put one hand on the hilt of a blade with white steel and opals in it’s hilt. “So, it has begun.” As the words were spoken, explosions were apparent in the distance.

The city would not survive.

Nineteen Years Later
“Master, I can’t.” The youth drew in a breath as the moonlight caught on his blonde hair. His bare chest was stung in the cold of night, and his hands gripped skinned and bleeding knees. Lacerations lined his back in striped marks, and his blue eyes were closed with pain. No wetness dripped down from his cheeks, and he gripped his bleeding body tightly. “I can’t go any farther.” His voice was filled with utter desperation. His shorts were of burlap, and hung loose. Their brown color had turned into a dark crimson with the blood that poured down his back.

A figure in the darkness turned to gaze at the defeated young man. “Rahuel, you have to move forward. You are not like the rest of those fools, and you do not have to end up like them!” It was a crisp, but sorrowful female voice. It cut through the night as surely as ice, and bright, burning blue eyes glared from underneath the hood. “Come, do you want to disgrace yourself and let me carry you? Pick up your feet!” Her cloak disguised her features, except for those burning eyes, as she turned and headed farther into the woods with a swift step. Rahuel staggered along behind her, his eyes closed and his muscles aching.
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Of Darkness and Ambition
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